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Sonnet 18

She walks in beauty… -Lord Byron | @scribesandvibes | #therebirthofcool | #LordByron | #Poetry | #NationalPoetryMonth


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Sonnet 18

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? -William Shakespeare | @scribesandvibes | #therebirthofcool | #Shakespeare | #Poetry | #NationalPoetryMonth

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We’d like to take a moment to pay homage to Gil Scott-Heron…


Gil Scott-Heron

#scribesandvibes | #therebirthofcool | #GilScottHeron | #piecesofaman | #NationalPoetryMonth

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National Poetry Month was inaugurated by the Academy of American Poets in 1996. National Poetry Month is celebrated during the month of April to pay homage to poetry’s contribution to culture and to encourage the reading and writing of poems.


Our Story

@scribesandvibes #NationalPoetryMonth CELEBRATION hosted by Kodac Harrison, host of the Award Winning Java Monkey Speaks, features a $200 Poetry Slam, Surprise Guest Poets, and Poetry Books.

$200 Poetry Slam

15 poets perform for cash and/or prizes during our Poetry Month Slam. Poets are given three minutes to perform a poem, without props, to earn a score of zero through ten. Judges indicate which poets they prefer each round, eliminating poets each round, until one poet is crowned the slam champion.

There is no registration fee, however, poets are required to register online. You may visit http://www.scribesandvibes.net or http://www.nationalpoetrymonth.eventbrite.com, to participate in our $200 National Poetry Month Slam at Stonecrest Library.

Surprise Guest Poetry Performances 

Surprise guest poets perform spoken word during our Poetry Month Celebration. Poets are given an opportunity to recite original poems or to read a poem by their favorite poet, to stimulate interest in the art of poetry.

Local educators, students, business professionals, civic champions, and infamous poetry scene standouts are invited to share their love of poetry with the community on April 11, 2015. You may email info@scribesandvibes.com, to participate in our National Poetry Month Celebration at Stonecrest Library.

Poetry Books

Published poets participate in an author talk during our Poetry Month Authors Hour. Poets are given an opportunity to sell autographed copies of the poetry books, to raise interest in the business of poetry.


Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide poetry activities and programs to individuals or organizations seeking to celebrate national poetry month; during the month of April.

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