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Olde Town Gallery & Studio


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Olde Town Gallery & Studio

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Olde Town Gallery & Studio

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Olde Town Gallery & Studio

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If I had a dollar for everyone who proudly confided that “my vote doesn’t count,” I’d be living in a mansion right next to Tyler Perry.  Not only is the notion that some people take pride in the fact that they don’t vote offensive, they are living off the largess of those of us who do.  I have voted in every single election—for which I have been eligible—since I turned 18 years old.  Having exercised my right to do so, also gives me the right to complain when a politician does something questionable, or who doesn’t act in the best interest of my community.

On the other hand, if you don’t vote, save your complaints for someone who agrees with you.  I can assure you that that person is not me.  Every issue that affects “someone else,” also affects you, or someone that you know.  Social security, higher gas prices, higher food prices, inadequate or non existent health care, affordable housing, a quality education for you and yours, the right to a living wage.  The list goes on.   

Don’t vote – Don’t Tell.

Elaine Davis-Nickens


Rockdale/Newton County Chapter

Georgia Federation of Democratic Women

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SNV: What inspired you to create art?

I was inspired to create art at a very young age when my mother started taking me to art lessons. She recognized my natural talent and understood that it needed to be nurtured.


SNV: How did you find the courage to exhibit your art?

It can be very difficult for young artists to come out of their shell. I remember my first art show. It was a scary thing. I was always afraid of what people would say or think about one of my creations. The way I dealt with exhibiting my art was to just relax. The world is full of things we like and dislike. If someone did not like my artwork, there were bound to be other things they liked out there. Art is like different flavors of tea. Courage comes from relaxing.


SNV: Where was your first art exhibition?

“I remember the day of my first art show. It was in a smelly horse stable. The art work was displayed on the gates where they kept the horses. However; there was something very precious about the simplicity. I enjoyed that show.”


SNV: Do you remember when you first believed you can get paid to create art? Explain.

“I do remember the day I realized I could make money off of what I was doing. I walked into a gallery and the director was very taken by one of my sculptures. His appreciation inspired me to develop more, which did sell.”


 SNV: Do you remember your first piece sold? Explain.

“The first piece I sold was my largest piece. I made a life size man out of wire and sold him to be part of Olde Town Gallery and Studio’s permanent collection.”


SNV: What is your favorite Starbucks Beverage?

“We all know by now that I love Starbucks. I can say I have tried every drink on the menu at least once, and my favorite is a Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino.”


SNV: Name your favorite Artist? Why?

“My favorite artist is Chuck Close. Chuck is a huge inspiration because he painted photographic-like portraits that were so real you could almost touch them. Chuck later became handicapped, which left him in a wheelchair. What I admire about him is how he re-developed his painting strategy to work with his new body. He achieved the same photographic quality by painting circle-like forms of color. It worked like pixels on a computer. Up close you saw circles of color, if you back up about 10 feet; you see the most realistic portrait. I admire how he never gave up.”


SNV: Name your favorite Poet? Why?

“Honestly, I do not have a favorite poet. I admire poetry I see in its raw, free-flowing form. Someone reading a poem on the street entertains me. It is that aspect of pure uncensored feeling that impresses me most.”

SNV: Name your favorite Musician? Why?

“Music is another thing I do not pick favorites in. How can a pick a favorite in something that is constantly developed? Sure I will listen to some artists more than others, but picking a favorite with so many options out there is impossible for me!”


SNV: What would you say to an emerging Artist?

“I would tell an emerging artist to just go with it! DO what you feel. Do not develop “vending machine” artwork. Be yourself and allow people to love you for who you are.”

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SNV: What inspired you to write poems?
“My mother inspired me to write poems. She was a writer and she used poetry as an avenue and outlet for her life, good and bad.”

SNV: How did you find the courage to perform?
“I didn’t find the courage to perform, it found me.”

SNV: Where was your first poetry performance?
“In the cafeteria of my high school” 

SNV: Do you remember when you first believed you can get paid to perform poetry? Explain.
“I never believed that I would get paid to perform poetry because of my in-experience in performing in front of a crowd. Also, I felt like I was not good enough to get paid and I would have to elevate and pray for a higher level of anointing to manifest before I can get better.”

SNV: Do you remember your first paid performance? Explain.
“Yes I do remember! Mr. Stevie Streets provided me the opportunity with my first paid performance. It was absolutely awesome and powerful. While he gave me the opportunity to set off the stage while getting paid, he also facilitated my dreams to come true. That opportunity consecrated my identity as a great poet as well as confirmed that this is more than talent, but a gift.”

SNV: What is your favorite Starbucks Beverage?
“My favorite Starbucks beverage is the Iced Carmel Mocha with lots of whipped cream!”

SNV: Name your favorite Artist? Why?
I don’t have just one favorite artist. I would have to say my favorite artists are Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and Amel Larrieux. Why, simply because they are great artist, women, and humanitarians. As a woman, these three things make you a triple threat to society. We need more people with their spirits to uplift, educate, and speak life to the women and men of the world.

SNV: Name your favorite Poet? Why?
“My favorite poet is Amena Brown. She is an auspicious, gifted, strong black woman and I love her style of poetry. She is an amazing storyteller. I often sit back and wonder, how can I better myself so I can have a show with her!”

SNV: Name your favorite Musician? Why?
“My favorite musician is Matt Thomas. Matt Thomas is a young man I met in my freshman year of college who played piano and sung in the Gospel Choir of West Georgia University. He taught himself how to play over 4 different instruments, and is still teaching himself more so he can be completely be used by God. He does not give any credit to himself, but remains humble and seeking God in everything he does. He is my inspiration.”

SNV: What would you say to an emerging Poet?
“To an emerging poet I would say, stay true to yourself and tell your story from the epitome of your mind, body, and soul. I promise someone in the room is going to be touched and seeds will be sown, and because of that seed, resurrections will begin to take place because you chose to speak life.”

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